Brushless DC-Servomotor Series 2057...BHS

Brushless DC-Servomotor Series 2057...BHS
Montag, 22 Dezember 2014

The new FAULHABER 2057…BHS are designed to address the specific requirements of the medical and dental hand piece markets. The high efficiency slotless design features smooth speed control with a wide continuous duty speed range up to 40000 rpm while remaining cool to the touch. The motors are capable of handling intermittent overload conditions to address highly dynamic motion over shorter cycle times. Low vibration which reduces user fatigue and low audible noise are ideal for long periods of use in sensitive medical and dental patient environments. The new motors come standard with digital hall sensors and analog hall sensor feedback is available on request. This option is ideal to eliminate the need for an additional encoder for slower speed operation for dental implant or endoscopic positioning applications which can also significantly reduce cabling complexity within the handpiece itself. Preloaded ball bearings insure that the motors are able to withstand the radial (22N) and axial loads (75N) in a hand piece. The extremely long service life can be extended even more through the easy replacement of the front bearing.A wide variety of high precision gearheads, high resolution magnetic and optical encoders and drive electronics are available in order to complete the drive system.

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