Sleek Design of Exlar® GSM is Perfect Solution

Sleek Design of Exlar® GSM is Perfect Solution
Mittwoch, 18 März 2015

Sleek Design of the Exlar® GSM Integrated Electric Motor / Actuator is the Perfect Solution for Next Generation Personal Fitness Equipment


Industry-leading manufacturer of innovative high performance personal training equipment


Customer was designing a suite of high-end physical training equipment that would offer the ability to craft specific workouts and track individual progress. This move was initiated to allow the user to track their workout and give a more comprehensive workout then what was available on the market.


To improve on competing exercise equipment designs required developing an entirely new product. The customer’s design concept was to offer a programmable workout load based on individual user requirements.  The ability to increase or decrease the force in either the extension or retraction direction would give the user a more comprehensive workout that is not achievable with traditional free weights or mechanical workout type equipment. This design concept ensures a better workout and offers unique training and performance tracking capabilities. Finding an actuation solution that provided the required programmability and control flexibility proved a significant challenge.


The controllability and force density of the Exlar® GSM integrated motor / actuator proved a perfect fit for this application. The GSM actuators are the primary resistance mechanism on each of their five muscle group specific platforms. After considering two other competitive solutions, the product of choice was the Exlar GSM30-1001-XCM-AM1-218 electric actuator. Exlar was chosen because of the “all in one package” that was compact, esthetically appealing, and within the force range necessary to meet all equipment design requirements for each of the muscle group platforms.


The Exlar GSM solution met or exceeded all specifications for speed, force and control flexibility. In addition, the long life offered by the GSM’s roller screw technology has allowed the customer to pursue high-use opportunities at major health clubs across the country.

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