The All-Purpose linear motor : TL series

The All-Purpose linear motor : TL series
Montag, 26 Januar 2015

The All-Purpose linear motor : TL series The mid-range linear motor of Tecnotion, the TL series are characterized by their excellent ratio between size and performance, which makes the TL very useful in a variety of applications for different industries. Next to the good values regarding the power density of the motors, a general advantage of the TL is the large number of available types. With coil lengths from 146mm up to 468mm, continuous force is covered from 200N to 800N and peak forces from 400N to 1600N. In addition, depending on the requirements, a maximum speed up to 7 m/s can be achieved by choosing the right type of the two coil windings available. Depending on the positioning system used, the TL can be driven in the Submicron Range and has an extremely low attraction force between the coils and the magnets. By default, all engines of the TL- series are equipped with channels for optional water cooling, which makes the TL particularly interesting for thermally demanding applications. Iron Core TL- series In addition, depending on the application, the values of the continuous force increase around 5%. This makes the TL suited for nearly any application, e.g. for the long travel lengths of large digital printers or in AOI applications. But also in water jet cutting and laser cutting systems, the TL has been successfully applied. For more information and specifications about the TL series please mail to Click here to download the official pressrelease

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