Servotecnica 100% operative

Freitag, 28 Februar 2020

Servotecnica 100% operative

We wish to reassure our customers, suppliers and distributors in relation to the spread of COVID-19, commonly called Coronavirus.

Servotecnica has implemented all the security and prevention measures in compliance with the Ministry and the Region's decree aimed at protecting people: structuring the activity so that, if needed, our staff can work in smart working, evaluating and controlling the visits by outsiders and providing hand sanitization systems in the offices.

Moreover, we are pleased to inform you that the Chinese production sites have resumed their activity and that Servotecnica is 100% operational.

We invite our customers, suppliers, and distributors to contact us to evaluate together alternative solutions in case it is not possible to organize meetings immediately.

As always, full of enthusiasm we are ready to welcome your requests.

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