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Attuatori Lineari - Captive
Captive C Series


The DXXX Series Linear Actuators, come with hybrid stepper motors and ball-screws; Captive, Non Captive and External Linear versions available.

In the Captive DXXC Series, the screw shifts without having the possibility to rotate thanks to a integrated anti-rotation system. Available sizes: NEMA 14, 17 and 23, that is with 35, 42 and 57 mm square flange.

Particularly suitable for applications where positioning accuracy, high thrust forces and low speed linear move are required together with an easy-drive system.

Available customisations: stroke length, screw pitch, rotary encoder and custom winding.

From NEMA 12 to NEMA 23
TRavel: up to 63,5 mm
Force: up to 890 N
Integrated anti-rotation system

Technical Spec



  • NEMA sizes 14, 17, 23
  • Step angle 1.8°, 1.2°, 0.9°
  • Two-phase / three-phase winding
  • Thrust forces up to 890 N
  • Travels: up to 63.5 mm
  • Many screw-leads available
  • Integrated nut anti-rotation system
  • Incremental encoders with single-ended or differential signal on request

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