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Non Captive
Non Captive


The DXXX Series Linear Actuators, come with hybrid stepper motors and ball-screws; Captive, Non Captive and External Linear versions available.

In the Non Captive DXXN Series, the lead-screw shifts but, not having an anti-rotation system, the kind of load mounting, has to be done in a way that avoids the rotation.

Available sizes: NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17 and 34, that is with a square flange from 21 to 87 mm.

Particularly suitable for applications where positioning accuracy, high thrust forces and low speed linear move are required together with an easy-drive system. 

Available customisations: stroke length, screw pitch, rotary encoder and custom winding.

From NEMA 8 to NEMA 23
Travel: up to 63,5 mm
Force: up to 890 N
Option: Teflon coated screw

Technical Spec



  • NEMA sizes 14, 17, 23
  • Step angle 1.8°, 1.2°, 0.9°
  • Two-phase / three-phase winding
  • Thrust forces: up to 890 N
  • Travels: up to 63.5 mm
  • Mnay screw-leads available
  • Integrated nut anti-rotation system
  • Incremental encoders with single-ended or differential signal on request

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