DC Brushed Micromotors


Micromotori in corrente continua - S / SR / C / CXR / CR
SVTN B Series


The benefits of this build technology join the simplicity of use of a brushed DC motor with the longevity of a brushless motor, maintaining cost-effectiveness and ease of integration.

The lack of cogging is typical of the coreless motors and guarntees a reduce ripple torque, a linear correlation between torque, speed and low inertia.

The miniaturization of the electronics allows to maintainthe diameter of the motor unvaried with a slight increase in length.

Long service life

Technical Spec



  • Diameters: from 12 to 40 mm
  • Power: up to 150 W
  • Lightweight and compact
  • NO cogging
  • High-efficiency
  • Temperature range: -30 +100° C
  • Couplable with encoders and precision gearboxes

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