Stepper Servo Motors


Servomotori Brushless - DT / DP
SVTM C Series


The Stepper Motors of the SVTM C 01 family feature a two-phase electromagnetic design which has, however, a four-phase configuration option that ensures compatibility with most drivers on the market. The characteristic design allows for a small-sized rotor and, combined with high-energy magnets, a thorough production process ensuring a reduced airgap and consequently higher dynamics. 

Stepper motors of the SVTM C 02 and C 03  families are characterised by a two-phase electromagnetic design ensuring compatibility with the most drivers on the market. Their specific design allows for a large-sized rotor and, thanks to high-energy magnets and a thorough production process, ensures a reduced airgap and higher torques. Moreover, a high-inertia rotor makes it possible to have better speed linearity compared to conventional Stepper Motors.

Their unique design allows for very low values of the detent torque harmonic spectrum in addition to excellent performance even in micro-stepping mode. Torque linearity allows overloading the motor for the toughest applications. The housing structure completely made of aluminium alloy, along with high-quality insulating materials, ensures sturdiness and reliability. The high construction standards allow for very reduced shaft and pilot ring runout tolerances (shaft runout 0.051, pilot ring runout 0.077, pilot ring perpendicularity 0.077), thus allowing coupling with gearboxes.

Cost effective
High torque

Technical Spec



  • Winding: bi-phase stepper motor
  • Operating temperature: -20°C + 40°C
  • Insultaion class: B, 130°C
  • Magnets: Neodymium
  • Housing: Aluminium for SVTM C 02 and D 03 series
  • Pilot ring oscillation: 0.077 for SVTM C 02 and C 03
  • Pilot ring perpendicularity: 0.077 for SVTM C 02 and C 03
  • Connection: Free lead
  • Step angle: 1.8°

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