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Ultimate Series


Ultimate series planetary gearboxes inherit all the characteristics of the Booster series: caged helical gears and outer ring machined from a single block, angular contact bearings to ensure outstanding rigidity and handling of high radial loads, to which we have added the use of an output flange instead of a shaft to further increase the rigidity of the connection to the machine in particularly heavy-duty applications, while also reducing the unit's overall dimensions.

The Ultimate series is constructed to handle extremely dynamic applications with frequent changes of direction, sharp accelerations and large pivot moments, without compromising precise positioning, long life and stable performance over time.

The Ultimate series is available with 64 mm to 285 mm flanges and can handle continuous torques up to 3700 Nm and a pivot moment of 7600 Nm.

As for the Booster series, the backlash for the single and double stage units is less than 3 and 5 arcmin respectively, and reduced backlash versions are also available (1 and 3 arcmin).

The Ultimate series is also available in the right angle version in all sizes.

Reduced backlash
Flanges: 64 to 285 mm
High output torque
High axial rigidity

Technical Spec



  • Outstanding rigidity, pivot moment up to 7600 Nm
  • Available in reduced backlash versions
  • Silent running, thanks to the use of helical gears
  • Flange up to 285 mm
  • Continuous torque up to 3700 Nm

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