Custom Servo Gearmotor


SVTM115 + AER 90 + RV 320
SVTM115 + AER 90 + RV 320


The SVTM115 + AER 90 + RV 320 Series servo gearmotors are designed to provide high torques.

The high performance brushless servo motor and precision planetary Servo Gear ensure reliability and a backlash close to zero.

This series of motors is also suitable for use in hostile environments enduring extended temperature range, shock and vibration.

Many customisations are available on request.

Zero backlash
Shock & vibration resistant
Torque: 4360 Nm

Technical Spec



Servo Gearbox:

  • Torque: 4360 Nm
  • Backlash: <1.1 acmin
  • Efficiency: >88%


  • Torque: 5 Nm
  • Speed: 3400 rpm
  • Current: 35 A
  • Voltage: 48 VDC
  • Complete with brake

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Alessandro Gomarasca
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