XGB Series


The XGB Series is the new PLC by LSIS designed with the aim of achieving maximum flexibility in the lowest cost possible. Thanks to its high performances and functionalities it can handle both easy applications and complex industrial automation functions with ease.

Having expanded the communication oriented modules, this series ranks now among the most user-oriented solutions on the market. In spite of its extreme compactness, this PLC hides a surprising computing power in addition to the very powerful performance.

Available in 3 versions:
  • XBM micro PLC slim with LADDER programming, Instruction List and 256 I/O points
  • XBC mini PLC with LADDER programming, Instruction List and 284 I/O points
  • XEC mini plc with LADDER programming, Instruction List, SFC, ST, IEC-1131 and 38 I/O points
LADDER and IEC-1131 programmable
From 38 to 284 I/O points
Run speed: from 94 ns/step to 240 ns/step

Technical Spec



  • Compact
  • Cost-effective
  • LADDER and IEC-1131 programmable
  • From 38 to 284 I/O points
  • From 94 ns/step to 240 ns/step
  • From 4 to 200 Ksteps

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