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Scheda Assi - Accelera DMC - 18x6
Accelerates DMC - 18x6


The DMC-18x6 motion controller is part of the family, Galil's highest performance PCI bus motion controller. It belongs to Galil's latest generation motion controller family: the DMC-40x0 Series, which accepts encoder inputs up to 22 MHz, provides servo update rates as high as 32 kHz, and processes commands as fast as 40 microseconds-10 times the speed of prior generation controllers.
The DMC-18x6 is a full-featured, PCI motion controller card. The DMC-18x6 is available in one through eight-axis formats, and each axis is user-configurable for stepper or servo motor operation. With a powerful RISC processor, the DMC-18x6 controllers provide such advanced features as PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feedforward, program memory with multitasking for simultaneously running eight applications programs, optically isolated digital I/O, and uncomitted analog inputs. Modes of motion include point-to-point positioning, position tracking, jogging, linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing and ecam.
Like all Galil controllers, programming the DMC-18x6 is simplified with two-letter, intuitive commands and a full set of software tools such as GalilSuite for servo tuning and analysis.
Up to 40 I/O (expandable to 104 + 8 analog in)
1-8 axes

Technical Spec



  • Number axes: up to 8
  • Communication: Integrated PCI bus drives: No Sampling
  • Time: up to 31 µs / axis
  • Control Filters: PID with speed and acceleration feedforward, notch filters and low-pass
  • Mode Movement: jogging, point-to-point positioning, tracking, contouring, linear and circular interpolation, Electric axis and Electronic Cam
  • Auxiliary Encoder: 1 per axis Dedicated Inputs: 1 Home + 2 Limit per axis
  • Digital I/O: 8 inputs + 8 outputs (cards 1-4 axes); 16 inputs + 16 outputs (cards 5-8 axes)
  • Analogue Inputs: 8 I/O expansion: 32, 3.3V TTL I /O (5V option)

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