Rotary actuators

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Linear & Rotary Actuators with Hollow Shaft Attuatori Lineari e Rotativi - SKT
  • From 190 mm to 310 mm square flange
  • Axial static force from 48 kN to 570 kN
  • From 17 Nm to 670 Nm continuous torque
  • Convection, fan and liquid cooling version

Nominal torque: up to 650 Nm
Liquid cooling
  • italia

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RDM / RDX / R2M / R2G
Rotary Actuators with Integrated Drive Attuatori Rotativi con Elettronica integrata - RDM / RDX / R2M / R2G
  • Integrated reduction gear
  • Nominal torque up to 327 Nm
  • Protection IP54 / IP65
  • Integrated power supply (AC or DC)
  • Explosion Proof: CSA Certified.
  • Field bus: Profinet, EtherNet IP, CANopen

Profinet, EtherNet IP
Nominal torque: up to 327 Nm
Explosion proof: CSA certified
  • italia

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MDM Series
Direct drive torque motors / rotary actuators Motore Coppia - MDM Series
  • Rated torque up to 160 Nm
  • Peak torque up to 480 Nm
  • Rated speed 200 rpm
  • Peak speed of up to 500 rpm
  • Absolute single turn encoder 20-bit BiSS protocol
  • External diameter 135, 175, 230, 280 and 360 mm
  • Winding 230 Vac

Option: Absolute encoder BiSS-C
High dynamic
Peak-torque: up to 480 Nm
  • italia, germania, spagna, repubblica ceca, irlanda, austria, svizzera, portogallo

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