Encoder Rotativi Magnetici Assoluti
Al-Q Series


InnaLabs® AI-Q-Series Quartz Servo Accelerometers, available in navigation, tactical, control and measurement grade variants are a viable European alternative for Inertial navigation and measurement systems, with performance >60g and resolution below 1µg.

Navigation, tactical, guidance and control level grade performance variants. Exceptional repeatability, long term stability and reliability. Low output noise, large bandwidth. Small size and low mass. Compact design with various mounting options.

Bias stability: <160 μg
Bandwidth: > 300 Hz
Range: +/- 60 g

Technical Spec



  • Input Range +/- 60 g
  • Bias < 4 mg
  • Resolution/Threshold <1µg
  • Angular Random Walk <50 deg/√hr
  • Operating Temperature -55/+95 °C
  • One year repeatability < 600 ppm
  • Sensitivity <180ppm/°C

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Marco Chiodini
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