Brushless Servo Motors with Integrated Drive


Motori Brushless con Elettronica Integrata - BIG MAC Series
BIG MAC Series


MAC800 - The complete solution for larger power ratings. All with built-in mains power supply.
Choose between model with or without brake. Also in IP66 version. Choose Expansion module from the extensive selection for any application.
Motor size is:
  • MAC800-D2 746W
  • MAC800-D5 (with built-in brake) 746W
Expansion module you can choose between:
  • Basic Modules
  • Programmable Modules
  • Field Bus Modules
  • High Speed Multi-Axis Modules
  • Wireless Modules
CANopen, EtherCAT, ProfiNET, EtherNet_IP, ...
IP 65
Distributed drives
Integrated drives

Technical Spec



  • Servo motor with integrated drive
  • Power-supply: 48 VDC 400W (MAC 402)
  • Power-supply: 115 / 220VAC from 400 to 750W (MAC 400 & MAC 800)
  • Power-supply: 3x400 / 480VAC from 1500 to 3000W (MAC 1500 & MAC 3000)
  • Power: from 50 to 134W
  • Integrated brake option
  • IP66 option
  • Safe Torque Off - STO option
  • Gearbox option
  • Incremental optical encoder (8000 cpr)
  • Multi-turn mechanical absolute encoder (8192 cpr)
  • Integrated PLC
  • UL Certification (download pdf)

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