Digital Gauges


Calibri Digitali - DF / MF / DK / DT / DL / U Series
DF / MF / DK / DT / DL / U Series


Electronic gauges with digital interface ideal for automatic measurements on test benches, assembly lines, quality control.

The motors can be interfaced directly via the Magnescale display or any other PLS, this simple integration enables tiny measurements with very high repeatability.

The magnetic principle guarantees reliability and repeatability over time.


Resolution: up to 0.1 micron
Size range: from 2 to 205 mm
Hazardous environments resistant
IP 67 (optional)

Technical Spec



  • Measuring range from 2 to 205 mm
  • Accuracy up to 1 micron 
  • Resolution up to 0.1 micron
  • Response speed up to 250 m / min
  • Integrated reference zero
  •  Excellent oil and water resistance
  • Possibility of simultaneous reading of over 100 gauges
  • Linear bearing guarantees 92 million comprehensive measurements
  • Pneumatic control option
  • Option IP 67

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Marco Chiodini
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