Synchronous Servomotors


Motore Sincrono - DS


The DS synchronous servo motors excel by a compact type of construction, high dynamics and a large speed range. They consist of brushless, permanently-excited AC servo motors of different sizes. The use of rare earth magnets allows for particularly high energy densities and for brief high overload capacities for highest demands on dynamics.

The motors are available as convection-cooled, ventilated and liquid-cooled. 

The field-weakening-capable high-torque motor DS28 is a special design of the DS series. The DS28 motor series combines the advantages of a high efficiency with a high overload capacity. These motors feature not only a low moment of inertia, but also a maximum torque of up to 1,530 Nm, which allows for quick deceleration of the load in case of emergencies. 

Rotational speed: up to 8000 rpm
High power

Technical Spec



  • Flange 260 to 560 mm
  • Acceleration torque up to 1250 Nm
  • Speed ​​range up to 8000 rpm

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