Brushless Servo Motors


Servomotori Brushless - DT / DP


The DYNASYN DT and DP motor series are synchronous servo motors with high dynamic response in a compact size. While the lamination geometry of the DT series is optimized for high torques at low speeds, the DP series achieves high power outputs through high speeds. Both series feature a high level of reliability, high dynamic response, and largely maintenance-free operation. The motors are available in the power range from 0.3 kW to 100 kW with continuous static torques up to 750 Nm. The DT and DP motors are available in convection-cooled and liquid-cooled versions. With liquid cooling, the motors in these series exhibit an extremely high power density.

Nominal torque: up to 670 Nm
Liquid cooling

Technical Spec



  • From 55 to 260 mm flange
  • From 0,6 Nm to 670 Nm continuous torque
  • Medium inertia
  • Convection, fan and liquid cooling version

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