Fiber Optic Rotary Joints


Fiber Optic Rotary Joint - FORJ Series
FORJ Series


The standard offer ranges from 1 to 12 independent channels, with single-mode fibre, multi-mode fibre or a mix of both types.

The fibre optic rotary joints are devices used in armoured and unarmoured vehicles, turbines, coherent optical tomography medical systems, satellite antennas, high-definition vision systems and submarines.

All the models can work in harsh environments, with regard to extended temperature range, humidity and diving at great depths; they thoroughly meet MIL-STD-0810G and MIL-STO-167-1A standards.

To satisfy the most demanding requirements, Servotecnica is able to provide its customers with customised solutions: 48 step independent channels, internal pressurisation, integration of electrical slip ring and higher degree of IP68 protection are examples of requests already satisfied by Servotecnica.

The FORJs are also the optimal solution for those who must transmit a field bus from a stationary to a rotating structure with a bit error rate (BER) close to zero.

High bandwidth: up to 10 Tbit/s
From #1 to #8 independent channels
Protection: IP 68+
Max speed: 5000 rpm

Technical Spec



  • 1 to 48 independent channels
  • Wavelength between 532 and 1650 nm
  • Single mode, multi mode or mixed channel,
  • 18 kinds of optical coupled fibres coupled
  • 23 types of coupling connectors
  • Rotation speed up to 5000 rpm
  • 9 types of coupling jackets
  • Working temperatures from -40° C to + 85° C
  • Protection higher than IP68
  • MIL-STD-167-1A and MIL-STD-810G compliance
  • Compatible with EtherCAT, Sercos III, ProfiNet and all field buses with BER = 0 request


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