Fluidic Rotary Joints


Giunti Rotanti Idraulici - GP(S)
GP(S) Series


The GP Series Rotary Joints are suitable for many applications thanks to the wide range of use.

Available in multiple configurations up to 12 passages and sizes of 1".

The special DynaSeal™ seals ensure excellent performance by allowing bidirectional and vacuum use. Housing and shaft are made entirely of carbon steel with black oxidation. The GPS version, on the other hand, is entirely made of stainless steel.

This series can be combined with our SVTS C 05 Slip Rings

From #2 to #12 passages
Max speed: 500 rpm
Pressure: up to 515 bar

Technical Spec



  • Media: air / gas, oil, water, chemicals
  • Max pressure: 515 bar
  • Maximum speed: 500 rpm
  • # passages: 2-12
  • Passage size: Up to 1"
  • Materials: carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Vacuum: 30HG
  • Combines with SVTS C 05 Slip Rings

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