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Attuatori Lineari - GSM


GSM Series linear actuators are a superior and cost effective alternative to traditional electric, hydraulic and ball screw systems.
The compact design is the culmination of advanced roller screw technology and an integral brushless servo motor.
This robust electric actuator is ideal for a variety of medium- to high-performance applications.
With GSM actuators, everything from food and beverage packaging, to multi-axis turning centers, to aircraft assembly can be done cleaner, faster, and more accurately and efficiently.
The powerful T-LAM motor design generates 35% more torque from the same size package.
These innovative actuators can be driven by almost any brand of brushless servo motor amplifier.
This flexible and programmable motion control system has the capability to provide position feedback from resolvers, encoders or internally mounted sensors.
It is a power dense solution that accommodates greater loads, extends travel life and minimizes maintenance.
GSM by Exlar® is the new standard of excellence in standard capacity all-electric actuators.
Zero backlash
Speed: up to 953 m/s
Power: up to 9293 kN
Compact (integrated screw & motor)

Technical Spec



  • Planetary roller screw (5 principles)
  • Force from 459 N to 9,293 kN
  • Speed from 127 mm/s to 953 mm/s
  • Protection class IP54
  • Standard Backlash 0.2 mm

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