Brushless Servo Motors with Integrated Drive


Servo Motori Brushless con Elettronica Integrata - ihXT


With its new ihXT series, AMK is expanding its AMKASMART decentralized product family to include a full-value servo drive with a power range of 150 to 450 watts. In so doing, only the outside appearances are economical: the most compact dimensions, the elimination of expensive connectors, and cutting of the installation effort in half through hybrid cables show that it pays to concentrate on the essentials during product development. The new addition to the family will be presented for the first time at SPS IPC Drives.

Functionally speaking, the combination of a synchronous servo motor and servo inverter is behind the ihXT type within the AMK AMKASMART family. The power and dimensions of these compact drives are primarily tailored to tasks in packaging machines, woodworking centers, bottling systems, and assembly and handling systems. Typical applications are positioning tasks with high precision and low power consumption. Because the connector costs for low-power drives are disproportionately high, AMK is using a clever plug-in terminal connection for connection of the units in IP65. To make the initial installation as easy and space-saving as possible, the decentralized ihXT servo drives are equipped with a hybrid cable. The whole thing is also combined with convenient looping through possibilities: the decentralized solution receives power directly from the central or decentralized supply unit. The DC current is then looped through via the DC bus together with the EtherCAT communication over the hybrid cable from one drive to another. Star wiring of individual drives from the control cabinet is now a thing of the past. In this way, up to 40 axes can be connected in series with one supply unit. Energy efficiency, fast commissioning, and low installation costs are thus effectively combined.



Automation with no control Cabinet

This example shows a completely decentralized automation solution. The incoming supply is via the iSA decentralized controller, which has an integrated 24 V supply and DC supply. This enables automation without a control cabinet.

Supply unit in the control cabinet

The ihXT drives are installed as decentralized drives. The hybrid cable is connected to the supply unit in the control cabinet and daisy chained from ihXT to ihXT (as shown here).


Decentralised in the networked system

Star wiring of individual drives from the control cabinet is now a thing of the past. As shown above, up to 40 ihXT drives can be connected in series on one branch for larger machines and plants. The potential savings that can be realized in terms of cabling becomes clear here. Depending on the application, up to 90% of the cabling costs can be saved here.

One-cable solution drops wiring costs
Compact and tough
Easy to install
Integrated drives

Technical Spec



  • System with continuous torque 0.5 to 1.75 Nm
  • Mono and multi-turn absolute encoder and integrated brake option
  • Protection class IP65
  • Supply voltage up to 720 VDC
  • Communication Ethercat in real-time
  • Cascade or star connection through flexible hybrid cable
  • Safety function (SAFETY) protocol FSoE


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