Inductive encoders




Zettlex IncOders are non-contact devices for precision angle measurement. They work like a transformer, using an inductive technique. IncOders may be considered as an inductive angle encoder. IncOders are ideally suited to harsh environments – where potentiometers, optical or capacitive devices may prove unreliable.

IncOders have 2 main parts – a Stator and a Rotor – each shaped like a flat ring. The large bore makes it easy to accommodate through-shafts, slip-rings, optical-fibres, pipes or cables.The Stator is powered and the Rotor is passive. The Stator contains the electronics to receive power and generate an output signal. The output signal from the Stator shows the true absolute angular position of the Rotor relative to the Stator without the need of any motion.

IncOder inductive angle encoders do not require compliant or special couplings and the Rotor & Stator can simply be screwed to the host product. Precise mechanical mounting is not required and there are no bearings.
Whereas optical or capacitive angle encoders can be unreliable in harsh conditions – notably with condensation or dust – Zettlex angle encoders are generally unaffected by foreign matter and IP67 rated versions are available. Unlike capacitive devices, there is no need to earth the Rotor or Stator. Robust, hard-anodized aluminium alloy housings and monolithic constructions are used throughout.
There are no contacting, delicate or wearing parts, so there is no need for periodic replacement, service or maintenance. In other words, IncOder angle encoders are true ‘fit and forget’ devices.

Resolution: up to 24 Bit
Shock and vibration resistant
IP68 standard

Technical Spec



  • Absolute single-turn inductive IncOder, SSI, SPI, ASI protocols
  • External diameter from 38 mm to 300 mm (standard)
  • Through-holes from 8 to 250 mm
  • Accuracy: up to < 38 ArcSec without linearization
  • Resolution: up to 24 Bit
  • Repeatability: +/- 1 Bit
  • Power-supply: 12 or 24 Vdc
  • IP68 (standard)
  • Shock & Vibration resistant: 20g 10 - 2000Hz and 100g for 11 mS
  • Suitable for VACUUM applications

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