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Azionamenti Distribuiti - iX / iC
iX / iC



The AMKASMART iX series of servo controllers features a high-voltage DC bus and real-time Ethernet communication in a decentralized module with high degree of protection and vibration and shock resistance. The inverter is close-coupled to the motor, thereby reducing the amount of space required in the central control cabinet. 

The compact size of the iX servo controllers allows them to be placed almost anywhere. The looping of power supply and communication lines reduces the cabling effort to a minimum, even in extensive machines. 

The AMKASMART iX servo controllers are ideally suited for modular machine and plant construction.



With the new AMKASMART iC servo converter, AMK is offering a compact device for closed-loop control of servo motors up to 10 kW peak power that can be installed practically anywhere in the machine. The device comes equipped with the power supply with 3x 400 VAC, line filter, brake chopper, and 24 VDC power pack. The decentralized iC servo converters are optimized for use in single-axis applications and modular machine structures. 

Decentralized driving and modular design of machines have never been so easy. The integrated power supply module in the iC eliminates the need for a control cabinet and makes machinery and plant design not only easier but also much more flexible.

IP 65
Decentralized drives
Integrated drives

Technical Spec



  • IP65 protection
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Multi functional I/O
  • From 2 kVA to 5 kVA nominal power
  • Real time Ethercat
  • SAFETY on FSoE 

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