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Brushless Drives - L7N


L7P Servo Drives give the more advanced features developed by Mecapion.
Through a USB connection you can benefit the programming and tuning environments that allow the use, the development and modification of all driver features. Thanks to the free software, it is possible to memorise the required routine, in oder to generate a desired programmed motion (built-in motion capabilities).
By Modbus RTU (RS-422) protocol, it is possible to send movements commands taking advantage of the PLC advanced capabilities which can be included in the package (XGI).
LS Mecapion supplies standard wirings for easy coupling with APM-F Series Servomotors and MDM Torque Motors.
One out of the most interesting L7P highlights, is the flexible integration with third-party motors (Brushless, Linear and Torque Servomotors).
The supported feedbacks are the most common ones: Incremental, Absolute (BiSS-C, EnDat 2.2).
Analogue input
Flexible capabilities


  • Power up to 3.5 kW
  • EtherCAT communication
  • Safety Torque Off (STO)
  • Digital I/O 24V
  • Management various feedback (Absolute and TTL encoder)
  • Intelligent Control (Gain tuning, Notch filter, etc ...)
  • Integrated power supply 230 VAC
  • Integrated Heatsink

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