Ironless Motors


Motori Lineari Ironless - UL Series
UL Series


The UL series motors are available in various configurations that can easily adapt to different application requirements. Due to their high speed, accuracy, craftsmanship, zero-cogging and zero attraction force, these motors are used successfully in the semiconductor industry.

More info on the Vacuum series.
Max speed: 12 m/s
Magnetic pitch: 42 mm
Vacuum option
Force: from 240 to 960 N

Technical Spec



  • Maximum voltage: 230 Vac rms (300Vdc)
  • Peak force: 240-1200 N
  • Continuous force*: 70-350 N
  • Maximum speed*: 12 m / s
  • Peak current: 3.5 to 44 Arms
  • Continuous current *: 1.03 to 12.9
  • Arms Temperature sensors: PTC 1kΩ / NTC
  • Bar magnet mass: 11.2 Kg / m
  • Bar magnet width: 28.4 mm
  • Attraction force rms @ 0 A: 0 N

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