Ironless Motors


Motori Lineari Ironless - UXX/UXA Series
UXX/UXA Series


The UXX motors are the most powerful Ironless motors in the catalogue. Ideal for industrial applications where demand is simultaneously high for positioning accuracy and elevated force development. The UXA range is the economical alternative to the UXX series; slightly less powerful, but with a smaller footprint and a more competitive price.

More info on the Vacuum series.
Max speed: 7.2m/s
Magnetic pitch: 57mm
Vacuum as option
Peak force: from 615 to 4200 N

Technical Spec



  • Maximum voltage: 230 Vac rms (300 Vdc)
  • Peak force: from 615 to 4200 N
  • Continuous force*: from 120 to 846 N
  • Maximum speed*: from 6.6 to 7.2 m / s
  • Peak current: 5.6 to 56
  • Arms Continuous current *: 1.14 to 11.2
  • Arms Temperature sensors: PTC 1kΩ / NTC
  • Bar magnet mass: 19 to 24 kg / m
  • Bar magnet width: from 38 to 48 mm
  • Attraction force: rms @ 0 A: 0 N

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