Linear Actuators with Integrated Drive


Attuatori Lineari con Elettronica Integrata - MDrive Actuators
MDrive Actuators


The MDrive Plus Linear Actuators are a combination of three products: a stepper motor, a linear worm system and sophisticated electronics, all integrated in a single product.

This unique system responds to a growing demand for a miniaturised, low cost system that replaces and improves upon the performance of classical pneumatic pistons.

The various options available (zero backlash, fieldbus or industrial connectors IP65) enable various uses from micro-dosing in the laboratory to logging the printing press, the product is used where extreme precision and reliability at a low cost are required.

Available in sizes from NEMA 14 to NEMA 34 together with the choice of step screw, they adapt to all dimensional requirements or lifting capacities.

Resolution: up to 12.5 µm
Sizes: from NEMA 14 to NEMA 23
Travel: up to 455 mm
Thrust: up to 910 N

Technical Spec



  • Thrust from 2 to 230 kg Ability to select different steps-screws
  • Linear speed up to 314 mm/sec
  • Non-captive and external shaft versions available
  • Possibility of integrated magnetic encoder technology hMT possible to prevent the motor from stalling
  • Zero backlash nut otpion for positioning micrometer

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