Linear Stepper Actuator with Integrated Drive


Motori Lineari Passo Passo con Elettronica Integrata


Linear stepper motors can dramatically reduce cost and save space.
There is no coupling, no additional bearing support and no assembly work required. This not only reduce cost but also reduce failure rate due to the less number of components and more simple construction. In applications with small load ratings a linear guide is also not required. The special design and material of the nut secure long life operation.
Below versions can be delivered:
  • Captive linear actuator with built-in guider for linear movements. Moving part do not rotate.
  • External linear actuator. Nut are mounted on lead screw.
  • Captive (will be available for NEMA34 in the future) and External linear actuator in NEMA size 23 and 34 can be delivered with integrated driver or controller.
On request:
  • Different shaft and stroke length
  • Precision ball screw
  • Special nut design
  • Higher IP protection
CANopen, RS485
IP 55
Integrated drives

Technical Spec



  • Thrust force: up to 1750 N
  • Linear speed: 0.3 to 381.0 mm/s
  • Lead Screw available in the following materials: plastic, bronze or ball screws (step 1 mm or 5 mm / rev)
  • Can be supplied with anti-backlash nut
  • Screw length and pitch available on request
  • Travel per Rev.: from 0.635 to 4.25 mm
  • Motor + drive used: MIS23x
  • RS485, Mosbus RTU and CANopen
  • Integrated PLC with integrated with 8 digital I/O

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Luca Nicola
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