Stepper Motors With Integrated Drive


Motori Passo Passo con Elettronica Integrata - MIS34x


QuickStep, the Integrated Stepper Motors from JVL. A wealth of possibilities in a series of of the world´s most compact stepper motors with the higest microstepping resolution. 4 sizes are available.
  • MIS340 - 3.0Nm
  • MIS341 - 6.0Nm
  • MIS342 - 9.0Nm
  • MIS343 - 12.0Nm
The QuickStep series of Stepper motors with integrated electronics represents a major step forward. All the necessary electronics in a stepper system are integrated in the motor itself. The stepper motor, encoder and electronics are specially developed by JVL so that together they form a closed unit in which the power driver and controller are mounted inside the motor in a closed section with protection up to IP67, and stainless steel shaft AISI303 as standard on all models.
Choose between wireless Bluetooth, WLAN or Zigbee or Industrial Ethernet Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink, MODBUS TCP/IP, RS485 and PLC built-in are standard.
Note that the driver and controller are also available as a separate unit - SMC85.
NEW! Now with CANbus.
CANopen, EtherCAT, ProfiNET, EtherNet_IP, ModbusTCP
IP 65
Distributed drives
Integrated drives

Technical Spec



  • CANopen
  • Modbus
  • RS485 (1Mbit)
  • Integrated absolute magnetic encoder single or multi-turn
  • SSI feedback multi-turn absolute external encoder
  • Industrial Ethernet (Profinet. EtherCAT, Ethernet IP, SERCOS III, Modbus TCP, Powerlink)
  • Integrated PLC
  • Front brake as option
  • Linear Actuator as option
  • Gearbox as option
  • Ip 67 as option

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