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The Pluto Digital Servo Drive is an ultra-compact, modular solution for control of rotary or linear brushless, brush DC or voice coil motors up to 800 W peak, with 8 A continuous output current and no heat sink needed.
Accepts multiple command inputs including standalone operation, CANopen, EtherCAT or even analog or PWM inputs.
High performance
4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, 1 analog input
CanOpen DS-301, DS 305, DS-306- DS-402, EterCAT CoE, USB
Ultra compact: 60x60x15mm

Technical Spec



  • Compatible with Brushed and Brushes DC and AC motors Compatible with Linear Brushless motors and Voice Coils
  • Compact design: 60x60x15 mm
  • Free to download MotionLAB, programming and tuning software
  • Integrated Motion Controller with Standalone Mode
  • Commanded through USB, CANopen, EtherCAT, PWM or Analog inputs
  • 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, 1 analog input

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