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Motori Coppia - QTR 133 Series
QTR 133 Series


Compared to other torque motors, the QTR series provides high force density in shapes with low thickness and high internal diameter. The small size and low mass of the motors allow you to limit the overall cost of your applications.

Tecnotion experience in coil design is reflected directly on the thermal characteristics of the QTR motors giving them high efficiency.

In addition, like all ironcore motor products by Tecnotion, the QTR series is also characterised by low cogging that allows for smooth movement and accurate positioning.

Internal diameter: 84 mm
Peak torque: from 2.2 to 22 Nm

Technical Spec



  • Maximum voltage: Rms 230 Vac - 420 Vac rms (300 Vdc - 600 Vdc)
  • Peak torque: 3,8 to 35,3 Nm
  • Continuous torque*: 2,6-21,9 Nm
  • Maximum speed*: 530-5150 rpm
  • Number of poles: 28 ODs: 133 mm
  • IDr: 84 mm
  • Motor height: 17-60 mm
  • Stator mass: 414-2090g
  • Rotor mass: 106-613g

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