DC servomotors

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M4-295x Series
DC Servomotors M4-295x Series
  • Rated torque: 0.2 to 30 Nm
  • Peak torque up to 125 Nm
  • Maximum speed: 8000 rpm

Low inertia
High dynamic
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Brushed DC Motors Micromotori in Corrente Continua - M
  • Customisable windings
  • Extended temperature range -40° C
  • Can be coupled with gearboxes
  • Can be coupled to encoder

Diameter: from 28 to 80 mm
Torque: up to 70 Ncm
Power-supply: from 12 to 48 Vdc
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SVTN B Series
DC Brushed Micromotors Micromotori in corrente continua - S / SR / C / CXR / CR
  • Diameters: from 12 to 40 mm
  • Power: up to 150 W
  • Lightweight and compact
  • NO cogging
  • High-efficiency
  • Temperature range: -30 +100° C
  • Couplable with encoders and precision gearboxes

Long service life
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