Stepper Motors with Integrated Drive


Motori Stepper con Elettronica Integrata - MDrive Plus
MDrive Plus


The MDrive Plus motors, launched on the market in 2000, were the first motion steppers with integrated electronics.

Equipped with highly miniaturised electronics, they are ideal for use in laboratory equipment or machinery for the medical sector where minimal size and portable instruments of all kinds are required

The most common field buses and programmable electronics with resident memory in the motor allow this series of motors to interface with any device on the market or PLCs of all brands.

Various options such as the permanent magnet brake, encoder and gearbox complete the offer.

The motor configuration software, simply and intuitively downloaded from the official website, allows you to implement your application in minutes.

RS-422/485, EtherNet IP, CANopen
Torque: from 0.31 to 6.5 Nm
IP 65
Power-supply: Vdc / Vac

Technical Spec



  • Stepper motor with miniaturised integrated electronics
  • Power supply 12 to 70 Vdc
  • Power 230 Vac optional on NEMA 34
  • Option of permanent magnet brake
  • Option of planetary or bevel gear
  • Torque from 0.31 to 6.5 Nm
  • Magnetic encoder option
  • Industrial connectors M 12 option

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