Waterproof Brushless Servomotors


SVTM 80B Series
SVTM 80B Series


In some instances the servomotors are used immersed at depths of several metres

Servotecnica responds to this need with the IP68 SVTM 80B series of motors with a high level of protection, capable of operating at depths of 200 m.

For safety reasons, the IP68 motors have a low voltage winding.

Shock & vibration resistant
Water proof: 200 mt.

Technical Spec



  • Rated voltage: 48 Vdc
  • Stall torque: 1.4 Nm
  • Stall current: 4.7 Arms
  • Peak torque: 4.3 Nm
  • Peak current: 14 Arms
  • BEMF: 19 Vrms / k rpm
  • Phase-phase resistance: 0.43 Ω
  • Inductance: 0.86 mH
  • Rated speed: 1300 rpm

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