Ironcore Motors


Motori Lineari Ironcore - TL Series
TL Series


The TL size is without doubt the most widespread ironcore solution. It features a very low attraction force between coils and magnets and stands out for its high density of thrust, acceleration, speed and fluidity of motion. The extensive range of coils available makes this motor suitable for all types of applications, including those requiring long strokes such as large-format digital printers.

Max speed: 7 m/s
Magnetic pitch: 24 mm
Peak force: from 450 to 1800N

Technical Spec



  • Maximum voltage: 400 Vac rms (600 Vdc)
  • Peak force: 450-1800 N
  • Continuous force*: 200-800 N
  • Maximum speed*: 7 m / s
  • Peak current: 6.5-52 Arms
  • Maximum current: 5-40 Arms
  • Continuous current*: 2.6-18.1 Arms
  • Temperature sensors: PTC 1k / KTY83-122
  • Bar magnet mass: 3.8 kg / m
  • Bar magnet width: 80 mm
  • Attraction force: rms @ 0 A: 950-3400 N

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