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Motori Coppia - QTR 78 Series
QTR 78 Series


The QTR 78 torque motor is the second size in the Tecnotion QTR series: optimised for compact size and low voltage operation (48 VDC), it is ideal for applications with a small build-space available, such as for the semiconductor industry.

The QTR 78 torque motor, where the number stands for the inner diameter in millimetres, is available in four "build heights" (or sizes), of 18, 26, 36 and 62 mm.

One of the most important advantages of torque motors is the elimination of mechanical driveline components such as reduction gearboxes, belts, etc.

These characteristics, combined with brushless construction, sharply improve performance factors such as dynamics, precision and productivity.

The Tecnotion R&D team's experience in the construction of direct drive motors and, in this case, of coils, has direct implications for the motor's technical performances, giving the QTR series impressive efficiency.
Like other Tecnotion ironcore motors, QTR units have a low torque ripple, ensuring smooth movement and accurate positioning.

The QTR 78 torque motor can be equipped with a digital Hall-effect sensor. This add-on occupies a small portion of the motor of about 3 mm in the largest part. The digital Hall-effect sensor can identify the motor's electric sensor even when the stator is not receiving power.
High dynamics
Peak torque: 7,52 Nm
Low inertia
Rotor diameter: 27mm (internal)

Technical Spec



  • Max voltage: 420 VAC rms (600 VDC)
  • Peak torque: 7,57 Nm
  • Continuous torque*: 4,41 Nm
  • Max speed*: 2.700 rpm
  • Poles: 12
  • Stator diameter: 78mm (esterno); 
  • Rotor diameter: 29mm (interno)
  • Motor heights (QTR 78-34): 35mm
* Values depend on operating conditions; refer to datasheet for details.
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