Tubular Actuators


SVTL series
SVTL series


Miniaturised tubular actuators are the ideal solution for a variety of applications where compactness, dynamic response and accurate positioning are required, such as the pharmaceutical and medical industries, as well as industrial automation.

SVTL series actuators are available in flange sizes of 15x34 mm to 35x63 mm, and are made with a low voltage three-phase winding, an integrated SIN/COS 1 Vpp encoder and an AISI 304 stainless steel rod.

This series of linear micro-actuators includes 10 models (6 standard and 4 with integrated electronics) offering nominal forces of 0.6 N to 20 N, with peaks of 6 times the nominal value. Finally, the drives are powered with 24/48 V DC power as standard.

The version with electronics combines a low voltage drive with integrated positioner. This solution enables the user to simply replace a pneumatic actuator, while maintaining the same type of control.

Flange: 15x34 mm to 35x63 mm
Nominal force: up to 38 N (240 N peak)

Technical Spec



  • Nominal force: 5.44 to 38 N
  • Peak force: 35.36 to 248 N
  • Rod diameter: 8 to 12 mm
  • Nominal current: 1.36 to 3.18 A

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