Fluidic & Electric Rotary Joints for Semiconductor machines

Fluidic & Electric Rotary Joints for Semiconductor machines
lundi, 18 mai 2015

It is very common that electrical components and semiconductors manufacturing process needs to be done in a cleanroom, that means an uncontaminated environment with high precision, high efficiency and high reliability machines. Up to the present day, DSTI has long been supplying Fluidic Rotary Joints suitable for sterile environments.

Signals and power can also be transferred as well as fluids.

  1. Rotary Joint designed for extremely low temperature (-145°) and vacuum; for this reason, non-degassable materials are avoided and special seals are used to prevent any transmission gas leak.
  2. Rotary Joint for small robotic arms working in sterile environments. Fully manufactured in aluminium to reduce the weight, this joint suits all of high data rate signal transmission needs.
  3. This Fluidic Rotary Joint, has been designed for semiconductor plating processes. Its role is to distribute water and air on board. It has special seals which are able to avoid fluids transmission leakage and therefore their contamination.
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