New waterproof Electric Rotary Joints

New waterproof Electric Rotary Joints
jeudi, 10 septembre 2015

The SVTS B IP65 has been designed and realised in order to satisfy a specific application: the power-supply of the heating resistance and the probes signal detection aboard of the rotating weld-and-cut blades for flowpack packaging machines.

In a later stage, thanks to its great features, the high reliability, the long lasting time and cost-effectiveness, this slip ring series has been used also on many others kind of applications, such as small wind turbines, carousels, etc.

Over the years has arisen the demand for a special variation that was protected against fluids, due to the need of washing these machines with water jets or to withstand open-air exposure.

For this reason, Servotecnica has developed the SRC032M series with IP65 protection, available with 3 and 5 circuits and faston connectors.

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