Exlar® linear actuation controls motor waste gate

Exlar® linear actuation controls motor waste gate
Sabato, 21 Marzo 2015


A large diesel engine manufacturer based in Europe.


Linear actuation of the motor waste gate.


The customer previously used hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to control the motor waste gate. To meet increasing fuel economy standards required greater control over the waste gate than was available from either the hydraulic or the pneumatic solution. The primary challenge was finding a solution that offered the fast response of a hydraulic solution but with more control flexibility.


The customer selected the Exlar® GSM integrated motor / actuator because of its compact and lighter weight design and form factor that is similar to a hydraulic cylinder. This project will order over 100 pcs. per year.


The Exlar actuator offers better control response than the old hydraulic system that it replaced and all the control flexibility desired by the customer. The superior performance of the Exlar GSM actuator was a key contributor to meeting the new fuel economy standard.

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